Located in Neutral Bay, Neutral Bay Chiropractic Centre is conveniently located from Cremorne, Lower North Shore, Cammeray and other surrounding suburbs of North Sydney. We offer comprehensive sports, neck and back pain chiropractic services. Our friendly, highly trained staff will effectively treat a vast range of issues and symptoms.

First, a detailed case history will be undertaken by our chief chiropractor, Dr. Larry Whitman.

Followed by a battery of various physical tests will then assess your:

  • Spine’s mobility
  • Strength
  • flexibility
  • Nerve reflexes

Prior to offering any corrective spinal adjustments or supportive exercises to bolster your body’s strength and mobility, our facility may perform a series of detailed X-Rays in order to assist in identifying the cause of your problems, in addition to determining the optimal course of action for your unique case.

This ensures our clients are given complete and long-lasting chiropractic solutions they can depend on – services that focus on treating the source of pain in the long-term, rather than just masking the pain’s symptoms and offering temporary relief.  Our Chiropractors at the Neutral Bay Chiropractic Centre can also provide professional preventative care strategies and positive exercise options in order to help improve your posture, decrease stress levels, and maintain your wellbeing through healthy and nutritional diet suggestions.